Cape Breton Vacation Rental

Meet the owners

Meet Elaine & Terry, Owners of The Grand Narrows Vacation Rental!

Together Elaine and Terry have raised two children in Cape Breton, and now get frequent visits from their 3 grandchildren ... All who live down the road! So lucky!

Experienced in hospitality & customer service, this couple has owned and operated a restaurant, a liquor/general store, and a bed and breakfast. They love meeting people from all over the world and enjoy sharing their renovation story and the rich history of the Grand Narrows Vacation Home.

Terry works on the Barra Strait Bridge in the summers, opening the bridge for boat traffic; and Elaine manages The Grand Narrows.

Two very laid back souls, Elaine and Terry care a lot about their community and the good people it raises. They love to cook, read, walk, swim, garden, and take little vacations around Cape Breton in their travel trailer.

Elaine’s father purchased the once “Grand Narrows Hotel" in 1956 and used it as a summer vacation home. This premier vacation rental has come a long way since then... Elaine and Terry have turned it into a big cozy home with all the amenities you’ll ever need for an incredible stay in Cape Breton!